Specialized services - Evaluation of the Risk Factors of occupational injury and illness

  • Identification of the number of specific activities, for which the assessment of risk factors must be carried out;
  • The audit of each activity and the identification of occupational injury and illness risks, in accordance with the legislation in force and the policies/procedures in the field of health and safety at work of the company;
  • Identification of dangerous areas (activities) with a high risk of accidents and occupational disease;
  • Assessment of the degree of risk for each activity
  • Preparation of the plan of prevention and protection measures in accordance with art. 13, lit. b of L 319/2006 and which corresponds to your development strategies;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the measures provided in the prevention and protection plan.
  • The price is paid only once / distinct activity (example: assuming that you have the functions: technical-administrative staff, commercial worker, receiver-distributor, driver, then there are 4 jobs; - if the sales consultant also has the activity of driving a car, then there are 5 activities to evaluate)