ISCIR-RSVTI Specialized Services

According to Law no. 64/2008 regarding the safe operation of pressure installations, lifting installations and fuel-consuming devices and Ord. 147/2006, companies have the obligation to hire or contract services provided by a person responsible for the supervision and technical verification of installations - RSVTI, authorized by ISCIR-RSVTI (State Inspectorate for the Control of Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Lifting Installations).

The RSVTI services offered mainly include the following activities:

  • Identification and registration of equipment/installations in the field of ISCIR-RSVTI, as well as the transmission of these data for registration to the ISCIR-RSVTI territorial inspection to which they belong;
  • Verification of the existence of the accompanying documents of the equipment in the field of ISCIR-RSVTI, according to the applicable normative acts;
  • Informing the ISCIR-RSVTI territorial inspection in writing about the identification data of the new owner of equipment/facilities, in case of a transfer of ownership or use of these goods;
  • Preparation of the file with the related technical documentation of the equipment/installations in the field of ISCIR-RSVTI and its registration at the territorial ISCIR-RSVTI in order to obtain the authorization for the operation of the equipment/installations and the technical book of operation;
  • Checking the correct and legal exploitation of the equipment/installations in the field of ISCIR-RSVTI that they have on record;
  • Checking the existence of instructions for use for each piece of equipment / installation in the ISCIR-RSVTI field;
  • Notification by telephone and/or in writing, within a maximum of 8 hours from the date of notification, of the ISCIR-RSVTI territorial inspection to which they belong, about the occurrence of damage or accidents to the equipment/installations they have on record;
  • Notifying the management of the owner/user (including in writing) about the need to stop some ISCIR-RSVTI installations or equipment due to malfunctions or as a result of the need to carry out maintenance, verification, revisions, replacement of parts or capital repairs;
  • Notifying the management of the owner/user (including in writing) about non-compliance with the regime of use of ISCIR-RSVTI equipment or installations by the operating staff;
  • Registration of evidence of equipment/installations in a register, following the performance of official technical checks, according to ISCIR-RSVTI technical prescriptions;
  • Monitoring and informing the beneficiary's specialized staff regarding the preparation of installations/equipment for official technical checks and active participation in their performance;
  • Follow-up of the timely implementation of the provisions given through technical verification minutes, regularly examining the equipment/installation record register and taking measures for the immediate remedy of reported defects;
  • Monitoring the maintenance and repairs of the equipment of the installations in the field of ISCIR-RSVTI from the records, carried out in accordance with the ISCIR-RSVTI prescriptions by legal persons authorized by ISCIR-RSVTI, with the mention of these checks in the supervision registers;
  • Prohibition of handling installations/equipment by unauthorized persons, when they are aware of this;
  • Follow-up of the timely realization of the provisions given by the processes - minutes of technical verification drawn up by ISCIR-RSVTI;
  • Verification of the validity of authorizations for operators of installations in the ISCIR-RSVTI field (forklift operators, operators, etc.) record of authorizations;
  • Preparation of schedules for annual equipment checks, in accordance with the due dates from the minutes for the Operation Authorization (AF) given by ISCIR-RSVTI.

The monthly price of assistance depends on the type and number of equipment/installations that fall under the incidence of ISCIR-RSVTI