• Legea nr.319/2006- The law of security and health in work
  • HG nr.1425/2006 - methodological rules for the application of Law no. 319/2006, amended and supplemented by HG nr.955/2010
  • Legea nr.53/2003 -Labor Code - in force since December 22, 2005, amended and supplemented by Legea nr.40/2011
  • Legea nr.436/2001 endorsement OUG nr. 99/2000 regarding the measures that can be applied in periods with extreme temperatures for the protection of people employed at work
  • OUG 96/2003 regarding maternity protection at workplaces
  • HG nr.300/2006 - minimum security and health requirements for temporary or mobile construction sites
  • HG nr.1146/2006 - the minimum safety and health requirements for the use of work equipment by workers
  • HG nr.1051/2006 - the minimum safety and health requirements for the manual handling of masses that present risks for workers, especially of back disorders
  • HG nr.1091/2006 - minimum safety and health requirements for the workplace
  • HG nr.1092/2006 - protection of workers against risks related to exposure to biological agents at work
  • HG nr.1093/2006 - on the establishment of the minimum safety and health requirements for the protection of workers against the risks related to exposure to carcinogenic or mutagenic agents at work
  • HG nr.1058/2006 - minimum requirements for improving safety and protecting the health of workers who may be exposed to a potential risk due to explosive atmospheres
  • HG nr.355/2007 - regarding the supervision of workers' health
  • OG nr.37/2007 - regarding the establishment of the framework for the application of the rules regarding driving periods, breaks and rest periods of car drivers and the use of devices for recording their activity
  • HG nr.38/2008 - regarding the organization of the working time of people who carry out mobile road transport activities