Regulatory acts - documents, approvals/authorizations

  • Identification of CAEN codes specific to the client's activity in order to establish the need for the Environmental Authorization;
  • Preparation of the technical documentation necessary to obtain the environmental authorization;
  • Preparation of the technical documentation necessary to obtain the Water Management Authorization;
  • Publication of specific environmental notices;
  • Representing your company in relation to the environmental protection control authorities;
  • Elaboration of the intervention plan in case of accidental pollution.

Waste management

  • Checking the site in order to establish non-conformities in terms of waste management;
  • Identification of problems and requirements for compliance with the provisions of the environmental legislation in force;
  • Assistance in identifying the waste codes generated according to HG 856/2002;
  • Consulting for the fulfillment of the obligation of separate collection of waste and the provision of contracts for their separate delivery to authorized collectors - L 211/2011;
  • Consulting for the storage and separate delivery of used oils to authorized service providers for recycling, HG 235/2007 regarding the management of used oils;
  • Consulting for the identification of authorized service providers for the collection of waste by category and the verification of the validity of their environmental authorizations;
  • Consultancy regarding the preparation of forms for the transport of waste;
  • Notification of contractual validity with service providers for waste collection, water disposal, etc.
  • Elaboration and maintenance of monthly records regarding the management of waste generated in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Authorization;
  • Tracking the traceability of generated waste;
  • Transmitting legislative changes and ensuring compliance with the legislation in force;
  • Staff training to understand the importance of selective collection of generated waste;
  • Monitoring activities required by the Environmental Authorization, Water Management Authorization, permanent information of the measures imposed by the same;

Environmental Protection Agency reports

  • Preparation and transmission of monthly / quarterly / half-yearly reports to the competent environmental protection authority;
  • Quarterly/annual reporting to the Environmental Protection Agency of waste management;
  • Annual reporting to the Environmental Protection Agency of the quantities of packaging introduced on the market;
  • Annual questionnaire reporting GD-PRODDES;
  • Reports in the electronic application INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEM (SIM)

Reports Administration of the Environment Fund

  • The monthly preparation of the Declaration regarding the obligations to the environmental fund, to the Administration of the Environmental Fund, in accordance with the legislation in force and their submission to the AFM headquarters;
  • Identification of all types of packaging newly introduced to the market, identification of new products.
  • The price is negotiable!