Situatii de Urgenta

We offer specialized consultancy both in the field of FIRE PROTECTION and in the field of CIVIL PROTECTION in accordance with the legislation in force

Fire protection

The preparation of the file with documentation involves:

  • Acts of authority regarding fire protection in accordance with art 17 – O.M.A.I. 163/ 2007;
  • Training themes (general introduction, at the workplace and periodical) for all phases of training, establishing the appropriate periodicity for each workplace;
  • The development of training programs - testing at the company level, including fire protection instructions specific to the activity carried out and the workplace;
  • Job description with duties regarding fire protection at the workplace;
  • Goal sheet cf. O.M.A.I. 89/ 2013
  • The reports drawn up following the own preventive controls;
  • The annual evaluation report of the level of fire protection;
  • The register for the specific records regarding fire protection (records of intervention and evacuation exercises, schedule of maintenance and checking of installations that are used in case of fire or at risk of fire, records of permits to work with open fire)
  • Evacuation plans
  • The price of the file is included in the value of the contract!

Monthly assistance for emergency situations:

The monthly price of the assistance depends on the type of activity performed!