In the activity that Robosto Logistik carries out in the fields of: OSH, SU, RSVTI, MEDIU and RU, periodic technical and legal checks of fire extinguishers and hydrants, electrical checks of earthing sockets and the issuance of PRAM certificates, customer satisfaction is paramount, obtained through the quality of the products and services offered.

Robosto Logistik offers quality integrated services with qualified personnel. The seriousness and quality of our services determined a continuous growth of the client portfolio, which contributed to the rapid evolution of the company.

We are a mature company, able to satisfy even the most demanding requirements, relying on experience, quality and responsibility.

The clients who chose our company as a partner represent our business card, they are from all private and state fields of activity, multinational companies, small and medium enterprises.

Our company serves beneficiaries throughout the country, beneficiaries who carry out activities in various fields: institutions from the financial-banking system, the health system, the food industry, the hotel industry, transport and courier, automobile, production, construction, administration institutions local and county, schools, kindergartens, etc.

In this way, we want to assure our clients and partners of the full consideration we have for them, being convinced that together we will succeed in reaching the quality and performance criteria in the short and long term that we have proposed.