Administration of personal files

Consultant in the field of human resources (in accordance with Law 53/2003 updated and HG 500/2011 updated)

  • Registration in the General Register of Employees according to HG 500/2011 updated;
  • Transmission of the General Register of Employees according to the legal terms;
  • Preparing the personnel file, requesting the necessary documents, acts and declarations for the file;
  • Preparation of documents that produce changes to the individual employment contract, such as additional documents to modify the position, the negotiated salary, the work norm, decisions to suspend the individual employment contract, decisions to terminate the individual employment contract, their declaration in the General Registry of Evidence of Employees according to HG 500/2011 updated;
  • Preparation of seniority certificates for employees, upon their request;
  • Preparation and completion of the certificates requested by the company's employees;
  • Preparation of any personnel reports requested by the client;
  • Verification of the collective attendance sheet;
  • We provide legislative support for any problem arising in the field of labor relations;
  • We provide support in the case of controls carried out by the competent bodies of the Ministry of Labour;
  • We advise on the conclusion and termination of individual employment contracts;
  • We provide advice on the preparation of reports and sanctioning decisions for disciplinary violations;
  • We provide advice on the application of the labor legislation in force;
  • We prepare job descriptions for employees;
  • We are drafting the Internal Order Regulation;
  • We provide advice on the drafting of the Collective Labor Agreement at unit level.